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NDIS Service Provider Melbourne - Enabling Communities
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Community Nursing Care

Nursing care is an important service that many people living with a disability rely upon to manage their impairment and stay as healthy as possible.
Nursing Care involves comprehensive support provided by registered nurses to meet your specific needs. A registered nurse will conduct a thorough health assessment to determine the services you require.
Once assessed, a personalised care plan will be developed in collaboration with you and your family, outlining the necessary services and preferred days/times for their delivery.

This care plan will be regularly reviewed, typically every six months or as your needs change, ensuring it remains tailored to your evolving requirements.

General nursing services encompass a wide range of support, ranging from assistance with showering to more specialized care such as blood transfusions and continence management. Our nurses will work closely with your doctor and assist in coordinating scheduled medical appointments and engagements with other allied health professionals. Our nurses can provide guidance and support on complex issues.
Community Nursing Care

Our range of Nursing Care Services includes:

Continence management and assessments
Catheter care, changes and management
Pressure area care and wound management
Complex disability care, including PEG, ventilator and bowel care
Diabetes management-including insulin administration
Medical management and administration including sourcing and picking up medication, administering drugs and intravenous lines

Our highly experienced and trained team can also offer advice on safety equipment for your home and refer you to an occupational therapist for specialised equipment if needed. Furthermore, our nurses can provide information on lifestyle planning, nutritional advice, and support for you and your nominees (family members).

It’s important to note that the specific nursing services available under your NDIS plan may vary depending on your individual needs and circumstances.
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